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Esther Davinia Anyakun was born on April 19, 1976, within the Karamoja sub-region of Nakapiripirit District. Her daughter, Challa Elma Kapel, achieved the honor of being crowned Miss Tourism Uganda in the year 2017.

Commencing her academic journey at Nkoyoyo Boarding Primary School, she successfully completed her Primary Leaving Examinations in the year 1991. Subsequently, in 1995, she enrolled at Kangole Senior Secondary School, where she undertook her Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) examinations. Progressing further, in 1999, she sat for her Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) examinations at Mbale Secondary School.

Her academic pursuits led her to acquire a Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration (SWASA) from the esteemed Makerere Institute for Social Development in 2002. Demonstrating her commitment to education, Esther Davinia Anyakun further advanced her qualifications by earning a Diploma in Health Management from Uganda Christian University in 2009. Additionally, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Procurement and Logistics from Nkumba University.

A significant milestone in her academic journey was achieved on November 22, 2021, when Anyakun attained a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Esami University, situated in Arusha, Tanzania. Notably, this accomplishment was shared with her esteemed colleagues, Ministers Frank Tumwebaze and Thomas Tayebwa.


Esther Davinia Anyakun, currently serving as the Woman Member of Parliament for Nakapiripirit District, holds a significant role within the Government of Uganda as the State Minister for Relief, Disaster Preparedness, and Refugees. In this capacity, she bears the responsibility of overseeing and managing various aspects of refugee affairs within the country.

Her duties encompass policy formulation, refugee protection, coordination of assistance efforts, advocacy, and more. To fulfill her role effectively, Minister Anyakun collaborates with government agencies, international organizations, and non-governmental bodies to ensure the well-being, protection, and proper management of refugees in Uganda. This alignment between her parliamentary position and ministerial responsibilities demonstrates her commitment to addressing the needs of displaced populations and fostering sustainable solutions.

Current Position

  • District Woman Memeber of Parliament (DWMP) Nakapiripirit in the 11th Parliament under the National Resistance movement ticket
  • Minister of State for Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees in the office of the Prime Minister (OPM).
  • Member of Executive Committee of the Inter Parliamentary Union.
  • Co-Chairperson of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) Steering Group

Political History

Between the years 2016 and 2021, Anyakun pursued the role of Directly Elected Woman Member of Parliament (DWMP) for Nakapiripirit, representing the National Resistance Movement ticket during the 10th and 11th Parliamentary terms. Subsequently, in 2021, she was designated as the Minister of State for Relief, Disaster Preparedness, and Refugees within the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).

Work Process









May 2021 – Current

Minister of State Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees in the office of the Prime Minister (OPM)

Government of Uganda

The ministry is responsible for the coordination of all refugee matters in the country. It is also responsible for national preparedness for disasters, including floods, landslides, earthquakes, droughts, and famine.


  • Assist the Cabinet Minister in supervising and providing leadership to enhance national response capacity to refugee emergency management and timely response to disasters in the country.
  • Assist the Cabinet minister in the coordination of all refugee and disaster preparedness and management matters in the country.

May 2016 – Current

District Woman Member of Parliament Nakapiripirit District, Uganda

Government of Uganda

The Parliament of Uganda is the national legislative body where elected and appointed members from all over the country meet to draft, debate and pass laws/legislation through which the institutions of government endeavor to guide the country’ s progress.


  • Debate and pass laws through which the institutions of Government endeavor to guide the country’s process.
  • Analyze and pass (approve) the national Budget every financial year.
  • Monitor and bring to the attention of Ministers and the public, government misuse of funds, violations of rule of law and unlawful activities.
  • Represent Nakapiripirit constituency views in Parliament.
  • Hold consultative meetings with constituents, update them on the activities of Parliament and government policies, and gather their views and concerns on issues, which affect their livelihood.

Feb 2013 – May 2016

Regional Commodity Distribution Coordinator-RWANU


RWANU is a USAID-funded Title II Development Food Assistance Program (DFAP). RWANU goal is reduced food insecurity among vulnerable people. The project targets households with pregnant and lactating women and with children under the age of 5 years within the south Karamoja districts of Napak, Nakapiripirit, Moroto and Amudat.

May 2011 – Feb 2013

Sustainable Consultant Karamoja Food Security & Community Stabilization Program: International Organization for Migrants-IOM

Government of Uganda

This is a government of Uganda Program under NUSAF 2, the program was designed with an approach to develop sustainable agricultural in Nutrition, alternative livelihoods and living systems practices and technology through knowledge sharing, demonstrations and networking of services by government, it is through participatory project identification with seasonally food insecure, nutrition trucking of the beneficiaries and verification for participation lists for each food distribution cycle.

Jan 2004 – Aug 2010

Senior Hospital Administrator

Amudat Hospital Karamoja Diocese


  • Facilitating the technical departments by ensuring availability of supplies and other resources for smooth running of the hospital.
  • Ensure acknowledgement of all food items donated and received partners to in-patients, out-patients and signing all the necessary documents.
  • Ensure timely issuing of food to lower Health facilities and provide ration, records of distribution reports.
  • Assist the lower Health units in monitoring and evaluation of Health and Nutrition program impact and design strategies for improvements where necessary.


2021 – Date

Co-Chairperson of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) Steering Group.

Nov 2019

Member of Executive Committee of the Inter Parliamentary Union.

2016 – Date

Member for the committee for Disaster risk Reduction and a member of Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA)

2008 – 2012

Board Member: Karamoja Dioceses Development Service. (KDDS) to control and define policy of the organization

2004 – 2010

Board Member Amudat Hospital

2008 – 2012

Karamoja Diocesan Health Board Member

2008 – 2012

Church of Uganda Province Health Board Member

2008 – 2012

Synod member Karamoja Dioceses.


Karamoja Initiative Sustainable Peace

Supportive staff in Nutrition and Early Childhood activities.

2002 – 2003

AIDS Information Centre-Mbale Branch

Research assistant carrying out research oriented activities.


2019 – 2021

Executive Master’s Degree in Business Administration

Eastern and Southern African Management Institute (ESAMI)

Graduated with an Executive Master’s Degree in Business Administration (EMBA) with leadership roles involving strategic planning, team management, decision-making, problem-solving, and innovation. This knowledge enables me to oversee operations, drive growth, manage change, and cultivate ethical business practices. It also equip me for executive positions across industries, where I leverage in advanced business knowledge and leadership skills.

2005 – 2008

Bachelors in Procurement and Logistics Management-(BPLM)

Nkumba University Entebbe Uganda

Graduated with a BSc. degree in Procurement and Logistics which involves managing various aspects of the supply chain. This includes sourcing goods, negotiating with suppliers, overseeing logistics, and ensuring timely delivery. I am also responsible for inventory management, cost control, and contract management in both private and public sector I’ve worked for. I also focuses on risk assessment, compliance, and using data analysis to improve processes. Collaboration with different departments, ethical practices, and technological tools are key parts of my role. Ultimately, I work to optimize the supply chain for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.

2006 – 2007

Diploma in Health Administration

Uganda Christian University

Graduated with Diploma in Health Administration. I oversee medical office operations, managing patient records, coordinating admissions and care schedules, ensuring quality improvement, and supervising healthcare services. My skills and qualifications make her suitable for positions such as Medical Office Manager, Health Services Manager, Clinical Coordinator, and more, where I contribute to the efficient functioning and quality of healthcare delivery.


Certificate in Human Resources Management

Uganda Health Management Institute

2002 – 2003

Diploma in Social Work and Social Development

Makerere Institute for Social Development

Holding a Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration opens an impactful roles for me where I support individuals and communities facing social challenges. My responsibilities could include client support, case management, community outreach, advocacy, counseling, and connecting people with resources. I work with children, the elderly, or marginalized populations, advocating for their rights and well-being. I also contribute to policy implementation, conduct research, or engage in NGO/non-profit work.


Certificate in Computer Applications

Institute of Management Science and Technology

1998 – 1999

Uganda Advanced certificate of Education (U.A.C.E)

Mbale Senior Secondary School

Sat for the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) Examinations which encompasses tasks such as designing exam content, ensuring quality, coordinating logistics, upholding security measures, supervising exam centers, grading, result compilation, data management, communication, and policy compliance. The goal is to conduct a fair and secure examination process that accurately evaluates students’ knowledge while adhering to educational standards and policies.

1992 – 1995

Uganda Certificate of Education (U.C.E)

Kangole Girls Senior Secondary School

Sat for her Uganda Certificate of Education Examinations

1986 – 1991

Primary Certificate

Nkoyoyo Boarding Primary School

Sat for her Primary Leaving Examination (P.L.E)

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